PHOTO: Bryce Harper in an Expos jersey

PHOTO: Bryce Harper in an Expos jersey
July 16, 2014, 7:30 pm
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It's hard to tell which fanbase this will offend most: Nationals faithful who hope Bryce Harper never wears another team's colors, or the citizens of Montreal who lost their beloved Expos and now wonder what could have been.

Probably the Montrealers, let's be honest. Either way, it's a weird sight to see Harper wear an Expos uniform on the cover of SportsNet Magazine in Canada.

Here is their latest issue with Harper on the front with a headline that reads: 'What if... the Expos never left Montreal.' The caption says: 'Bryce Harper, Centre Field.'

Of course, if the Expos never left Montreal for D.C., the franchise's history likely would have played out much differently. Who's to say the Expos would have had the No. 1 pick in 2010 when Harper became available? The Expos existed for 36 years and not once had the number one overall selection.

Bud Selig said this week at the All-Star Game that Montreal would be a great candidate to get an MLB franchise in the future. Maybe then Expos fans will feel better about the Nats' recent success. But until then, there will be plenty of 'what ifs.'

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