Phillies president expresses regret over NCAA incident

Phillies president expresses regret over NCAA incident
March 4, 2014, 11:00 pm
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The Philadelphia Phillies took a lot of heat last week for their reporting of two college prospects to the NCAA for their use of agents, a practice that is against the rules but still commonplace in the draft process.

It is a sort of unwritten rule not to out the players, as it had not been done in 22 years. Though the Phillies were technically doing the right thing, there was significant backlash to the move.

Some agents speculated it could hurt the Phillies' ability to court college prospects and sign them after the draft. Essentially, their reputation among players in the college ranks has been damaged.

Given the reaction around baseball to their actions, the Phillies have now expressed regret about their "approach." Here is what Phillies president David Montgomery told WIP radio in Philly on Monday about the incident:

Whether the Phillies' decision to report the the players ends up hurting them in any noticeable way is yet to be seen, but it appears they are at least a bit remorseful.

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