Phillies player doesn't like 'untuck'

Phillies player doesn't like 'untuck'
May 10, 2013, 3:15 pm
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With the Nationals winning again, closer Rafael Soriano is starting to rack up saves. He has 12 on the season - second-best in the majors - and is proving a solid free agent pickup from the offseason.

And as he piles them up, Nats fans are starting to get used to his signature celebration. Soriano likes to untuck his shirt immediately after earning the final out. His teammates have started joining him, there is hashtag on Twitter, it is starting to become a popular topic among fans of the team.

But while those in Washington are having fun with it, one Phillies player doesn't see the point. Philadelphia relief pitcher Phillippe Aumont shared his opinion of the matter on Twitter and his thoughts are pretty strong:



Soriano's celebration does walk the fine line of showing up the other team, but he's been doing it for a while without any serious backlash. Now somebody wants to speak up? The Nats haven't even played the Phillies yet this season.

Whether Aumont is completely serious about hating the 'untuck' is hard to tell, he could just be having fun with the rivalry. Either way, more fuel has been added to the fire between these two teams.