Phillies Marlon Byrd: 'We're not an old team'

Phillies Marlon Byrd: 'We're not an old team'
January 26, 2014, 3:15 pm
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The Philadelphia Phillies are entering the 2014 season with five players in their projected starting lineup at least 34 years old, plus Cliff Lee (35) and Cole Hamels (30) in their rotation, but is that enough to consider them an 'old team?' Not according to Marlon Byrd, a 36-year-old the Phillies recently signed to start in right field.

Byrd disagrees with the notion altogether, telling CSN Philly he thinks the Phillies' veterans have plenty of talent to be competitive this season, as long as they stay healthy.

You keep hearing old, old, old … we’re not an old team… We can still play. Once you can’t play, then you’re old. We still have a lot in the tank, we just to have to show that and stay healthy.

The Phillies had the third-oldest roster in the majors last season with an average age of 30. This offseason they doubled down on veteran experience by signing Byrd and Bobby Abreu (39), and also gave Carlos Ruiz (35) a multi-year deal.

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On paper they look 'old,' but you can't deny the talent on their roster. Maybe Byrd will end up being right. The fifth-oldest team in baseball last season was the Red Sox and they ended up having a pretty good year.