New National Young already has place in team history

New National Young already has place in team history
January 15, 2013, 12:45 pm
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The Nationals on Monday made a minor move in signing a utility man without an invitation to spring training, but the name they signed may ring a bell. 30 year old Delwyn Young is the newest member of the organization and just so happens to have a unique history with the team.

During Stephen Strasburg’s historic major league debut in June of 2010, the Nationals ace struck out 14 batters in seven innings of masterful work. It was a coming out party for the ages and even Bob Costas said it was one of the most memorable sporting events he has ever attended.

But during Strasburg’s first start, he wasn’t absolutely perfect. Strasburg, in fact, allowed two runs, both off one swing of the bat. The player who hit that home run? You guessed it, Delwyn Young.

Young’s homer off Strasburg was one of just 17 he has hit in his five-year major league career. He was once a top prospect in the Dodgers organization, but has since failed to live up to those expectations. He could very well end his career some day with the claim to fame as being the first player to hit a home run off Strasburg.

Young has a career line of .258/.317/.393 in 344 total MLB games. He was signed in all likelihood just to provide some depth in the Nats’ farm system and his versatility should help the Syracuse Chiefs. He may never see a pitch with the big league Nats, but he will always have a place in the team’s history.