Nats selling playoff tickets

Nats selling playoff tickets
September 10, 2013, 4:00 pm
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With 19 games left on the schedule and seven separating them from the final NL Wild Card spot, the Nationals' chances of making the playoffs are rather slim. The mathematicians at Baseball Prospectus put their odds at 1.2 percent. That's not promising.

But though it would take a near miracle for the Nats to make the playoffs, their ticket sales department is still holding out hope.

Here is a promotion the Nationals sent out to fans on their mailing list Tuesday:

(Photo via @SeanMMcNally and @dcsportsbog)

Now, to be fair, the Nationals aren't eliminated yet. And just because people may be naive enough to buy the tickets, doesn't mean they won't be reimbursed and all that. And what if they do make the playoffs? The Nats don't want to be behind the curve selling the tickets and have a stadium not completely filled.

It's probably an unfortunate catch 22 for the Nats, but it seems a bit presumptuous at this point to be looking towards the postseason.