Nats Ross Detwiler has herniated disc

Nats Ross Detwiler has herniated disc
July 25, 2013, 11:45 pm
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Nationals left-hander Ross Detwiler is back from his meeting with back specialist Robert Watkins - a trip out to the doctor’s clinic in Los Angeles on Wednesday – and is now recovering from what was diagnosed as a herniated disc.

Watkins told Detwiler he does not need surgery and did not administer any shots during their appointment. If all goes well over the next few weeks while he rests the injury, he should be able to return in early September.

“They say he’s the best back guy in the world, so that’s why I went out there,” Detwiler said. “I didn’t really know what to expect and he kind of talked me through it and I don’t have to have surgery so that’s the number one thing right now.” 

Detwiler - who hasn’t pitched since July 3 – said he will do core exercises in the meantime while he rests his back. He won’t be able to throw for a while, but wants to heal the right way this time and not rush his way back. Trying to power through the pain may have slowed down his recovery in the first place.

“I just felt like there was something off and I was trying to fight through it, which could’ve made it worse,” he said. “So it’s something I kind of have to sit back and say ‘If this ever happens again, you just have to, you just can’t try to fight through something like that.’ I think we took the right step the other day.”

Detwiler is 2-7 this season with a 4.04 ERA through 13 starts.