Nats injuries reaching absurdity

Nats injuries reaching absurdity
May 7, 2012, 7:04 pm
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Before the 2012 season began, if someone told you the Nationals would be in first place on May 7 with an 18-10 record, all done without their cleanup hitter and fifth starter, would you have believed them? What if they lost their closer - a guy who saved 43 games the season before - their center fielder for nine games, and their franchise player for two weeks?Fresh off a series win against the Phillies, the Nationals are continuing strong after an unbelievable run of bad luck with injures. In last nights loss they saw Jayson Werth break his wrist on a play in right field, just another blow to a team dealing with a wide range of ailments. It looks like he will be out at least a few months.Even Adam LaRoche and Mark DeRosa, their best position player so far this season and their top bench player, watched from the dugout with oblique issues. Oh, and dont forget Brad Lidge who is out with an abdominal strain. Even the guys backing up those with injuries have gotten injured.Recapping all of the Nationals health problems makes you wonder who is left. Here is a look at the teams projected lineup, as Mike Rizzo envisioned it during the winter, and who has been or is now hurt this season.SS - Ian Desmond
2B - Danny Espinosa
3B - Ryan Zimmerman (shoulder)
LF - Michael Morse (lat muscle)
1B - Adam LaRoche (oblique)
RF - Jayson Werth (wrist)
CF - Rick Ankiel (quad)
C - Wilson Ramos
SP - Stephen StrasburgOn the pitching side, Wang, Lidge, and Storen were all expected to play major roles with the Nats this year and only Lidge has seen the field. The Nationals are winning games with what is essentially a lineup half-comprised of Triple-A players and bench guys. Just look at who batted for the team last night against the Phillies.SS - Ian Desmond
3B - Steve Lombardozzi
LF - Bryce Harper
RF - Jayson Werth
RF - Xavier Nady
1B - Chad Tracy
2B- Danny Espinosa
CF - Rick Ankiel
C - Wilson Ramos
P - Jordan Zimmerman
PH - Tyler Moore
PH - Roger BernadinaPlayers in italics were replacing injured players.If the Nationals had even half the injuries they have seen this year, Moore and Harper would likely still be in Triple-A. Tracy was never supposed to start in big games against the Phillies and Nady played half the game after replacing Werth.The Nationals' injuries are getting out of hand and it their success has probably been one of the most unlikely developments thus far in all of baseball. Can they keep it up? It seems more unlikely the more you consider their plight overall, but having guys out hasnt exactly stopped them yet. It will be amazing to see how long they can sustain winning games and, on the other hand, how good they could potentially be when they get everyone back.