Nats game delayed by umps stuck in traffic

Nats game delayed by umps stuck in traffic
April 10, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Traffic in Washington is pretty terrible year-round, the D.C. metro area annually ranks among the worst in the United States for commute times and overall congestion. Everyone who is from here knows it, can’t stand it, but just has to deal with it.

So as Nats fans waited past 7:05 for the first pitch of Wednesday’s game against the Chicago White Sox, it may have come as no surprise when this PA announcement came through the stadium speakers.

Okay, it probably was a big surprise. This isn’t something that happens every day.

Still, how do you show up late to a game you are umpiring because of traffic? And why do you show up apparently right before the game starts? Part of the situation just doesn’t make sense. Add in that the umpires didn’t just get in town today, they were here yesterday for the first game of the series. 

Nats fans were probably accepting of the delay after it was over, but the umpires might want to make sure they call it clean throughout the rest of the series. Umps have a hard time pleasing home crowds anyways, there is no reason to give baseball fans any other reason to boo.

For the record, the umpire crew was Chris Guccione, Tom Hallion, Ron Kulpa, and Phil Cuzzi. Way to go guys.