Nationals first-half report card

Nationals first-half report card
July 17, 2014, 6:00 am
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Yes, I fully understand the first half of the 2014 baseball season ended more than two weeks ago and that at this point the Nationals have played 57 percent of their regular-season schedule. To which I say: So what? There weren't a bunch of days off following Game 81 that required creative blog post ideas to bridge the gap until the Nats take the field again.

It's the All-Star break, so that means it's time to hand out first-half grades to the entire roster, plus the manager and GM. I am quite certain nobody out there will agree 100 percent with these grades, but I did my best to hand them out in as fair and objective a manner as possible.

It was particularly difficult to judge several players who spent considerable time on the DL, but there are no Incompletes here. Everybody appeared in enough games to warrant an actual letter grade. So here goes...

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