MLB Power Rankings: A's leading the way

MLB Power Rankings: A's leading the way
July 3, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Here are this week's power rankings with analysis from Mark Zuckerman, Steve Roney and I:

1. Athletics -- Hughes: Scott Kazmir is a legitimate Cy Young candidate right now.

2. Brewers -- Zuckerman: Peripheral stats still say they're not quite this good, should come back to earth a bit.

3. Tigers -- Zuckerman: Rick Porcello, forgotten man of Detroit's rotation, has been dominant.

4. Angels -- Hughes: The Angels could be the second best team in the American League.

5. Dodgers -- Hughes: The Dodgers own Major League Baseball's best rotation with a 3.02 ERA. 3.02.

6. Nationals -- Roney: Over the next few weeks we'll find out if Bryce Harper is right, that Denard Span should be the odd man out.

7. Braves -- Roney: I wouldn't call it a breakthrough by any means, but Jason Heyward's BA is right around league average. They'll take it. 

8. Giants -- Hughes: Tim Hudson could be having the best season of his career at 38 years old.

9. Blue Jays -- Roney: Can't believe that Cincinnati gave up on Edwin Encarnacion a few years go. Just monstrous power.

10. Orioles -- Roney: Manny Machado's suspension was upheld -- good. I think he should've gotten more games. 

11. Mariners -- Hughes: Former Nationals RHP Chris Young is 8-4 with a 3.11 ERA in 16 starts this year.

12. Cardinals -- Zuckerman: 13th out of 15 NL teams in runs scored. They may need to make a move soon.

13. Pirates -- Zuckerman: NL's best record since May 6: Pittsburgh. Yeah, really.

14. Reds -- Zuckerman: There are bigger names in the lineup, but Todd Frazier deserves more recognition.

15. Royals -- Zuckerman: James Shields: 5.43 ERA last 9 starts. KC needs him to step up down the stretch.

16. Yankees -- Roney: Tanaka should learn from that pitch he grooved to Napoli -- when you're dealing, just put hitters away.

17. Marlins -- Roney: The Fish have a pretty decent young squad -- but if they're ever going to make the jump to constant contender, they need to figure out how to keep Giancarlo Stanton around for the bulk of his career.

18. Indians -- Zuckerman: Briefly got themselves back over .500, but now sliding again.

19. Twins -- Zuckerman: That big mid-season acquisition of Kendrys Morales? He's got a .603 OPS in his first 21 games.

20. Red Sox -- Roney: The Sox finally score a few a game in which they give up 16. To the Cubs. The championship hangover marches on...

21. White Sox -- Zuckerman: Not sure enough people are appreciating what Jose Abreu is doing: On pace for 50 homers in first big-league season.

22. Rangers -- Hughes: Yu Darvish is a one-man show in the Rangers' rotation.

23. Mets -- Hughes: Zack Wheeler is really struggling at 3-8 with a 4.25 ERA.

24. Padres -- Hughes: Huston Street (0.90 ERA, 22 SV) could probably fetch a lot at the trade deadline.

25. Cubs --Zuckerman: Jake Arrieta: Ace? He's certainly pitching like it.

26. Astros -- Hughes: Jose Altuve has emerged as a star at 24. He's hitting .343 with 37 stolen bases.

27. Rays -- Roney: Boy do they miss Wil Myers -- or at least, the player Wil Myers is supposed to be. Easy to forget that once he returns, he's still no sure thing.

28. Phillies -- Roney: GMs are only human, and I can't say that in Ruben Amaro's shoes I would have done things differently...but I really, really hope that I would.

29. Rockies -- Hughes: Amazing the Rockies were once 22-14, yet now sit a game and a half out of last place in the majors.

30. Diamondbacks -- Hughes: I'd imagine Arizona is close to becoming big sellers ahead of the deadline.