Medlen on Strasburg comparison

Medlen on Strasburg comparison
September 28, 2012, 7:43 pm
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Nats manager Davey Johnson was recently quoted with some strong words regarding the comparison between Kris Medlen and Stephen Strasburg in their recoveries from Tommy John surgery. The Braves will have Medlen available in the postseason because they started his season in the bullpen while the Nationals will be without Strasburg because they began him as a starter. Even though the two players and their situations are different, one will be there and one will not.

Most, including Davey, have pointed to those differences as reasons why the comparison is unfounded to begin with and now Medlen himself has weighed in.

Here is the Braves pitchers comments via the New York Times:

Hes a starter; Im a bullpen guy who became a starter, he said. I just dont even think its fair to him to compare our situations. Obviously its tough for him he wants to be part of the winning and all that. But they had their plan and theyre sticking to it, which is cool to see. They put the player first, instead of the organization.

There you go.