Matt Williams fine after hit-and-run heard live on radio

Matt Williams fine after hit-and-run heard live on radio
May 7, 2014, 11:15 am
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[Updated 11:25 a.m.]

Matt Williams was driving to Nationals Park on Wednesday morning while doing his weekly radio appearance on 106.7 The Fan, when his day took a strange turn.

While talking to The Junkies at a traffic light on South Capitol St., he heard a loud sound coming from the side of his Chevy Tahoe. A car was trying to drive in between him and the car next to him across the lane. The driver got through and kept going as Williams heard police sirens and a helicopter overhead.

The driver, who hit Williams' truck and ran, was fleeing from the police, and Williams was now a victim of the chase.

"I was actually stopped in traffic," Williams said. "I guess he wanted to get through, so he decided he was going to get through. Everything's good, though."

Williams says he feels fine, as the guy was not driving very fast, but that his truck is in pretty bad shape. He is now waiting to hear from police representatives to contact him about the incident.

To be involved in an event like this is very unusual, and to be on the radio at the time it happened is just plain weird.

"It's bizarre anyways," he said. "I was just sitting there waiting for the light to go green. It wasn't fast, all the traffic was stopped. All I feel is this car just kind of nudge between myself and another car. It just nudged through. It wasn't a full, high speed, it was just he nudged through. It was odd."

The police were able to catch up with the man and arrest him. Williams expects authorities to show up to Nationals Park some time on Wednesday to talk to him.

"I guess they apprehended him. Reports are that they found him and took him into custody," he said. "I've heard from some representatives so I'm assuming that they'll be here at some point."

Williams kept his composure during the interview even after the collision. He described what was going on to The Junkies while he was processing it himself. He feels no after effects from the accident, but does have a truck to get fixed.

"I'm good, I'm fine. No worries. Car's not real good, but I'm good."

Listen to the audio of Williams' accident right here.