Marlins complain about Red Sox spring lineup, get apology

Marlins complain about Red Sox spring lineup, get apology
March 7, 2014, 9:45 am
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On Thursday it was reported by the Sun Sentinel the Marlins were planning to contact Major League Baseball about a complaint involving the Red Sox spring training squad. The Sox traveled to the Marlins' spring home in Palm Beach with very few of their regulars. Teams are supposed to bring at least four members of their expected starting lineup, and Miami wasn't pleased.

It's unclear if it ever made it that far, however, as the Red Sox have officially apologized via an e-mail from their general manager, Ben Cherington. Boston has has offered their apology, and Miami has accepted.

When asked if his team was "outraged," Marlins president Mike Hill told this to the Miami Herald:

"That's a little strong," Hill said. "We got an email from their GM saying they had some injuries and were working on some things. He apologized. So I don't know if that meant he got a call from the league or what.

Though it sounds ridiculous the Marlins would complain about such a thing, the Red Sox lineup on Thursday was basically barren of MLB talent. They sent Jackie Bradley, Jr. - their expected starting center fielder on Opening Day - but that was practically it. Boston beat writers told the Herald that Bradley was the only player expected to make the MLB roster who traveled.

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All that said, it's not hard to pull a little irony out of all of this, considering the roster the Marlins put on the field last year in actual MLB games. After loading up on free agents in 2012, they gutted their team last season and trotted out the equivalent of a Triple-A lineup most days. There was Giancarlo Stanton when he was healthy, but not much more.