Livan Hernandez auctioning off baseball from 1st Nats pitch

Livan Hernandez auctioning off baseball from 1st Nats pitch
December 18, 2013, 8:45 pm
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[Updated: 10:58 p.m.]

Former MLB pitcher Livan Hernandez had his best years away from Washington, but Nats fans will always remember the rubber armed veteran affectionately known as 'Livo.'

Hernandez last pitched in the 2012 season - a year he spent with the Brewers - and few have heard from him since. But now, a report out of the Miami Herald, has some news on Livan: he's trying to sell his stuff. Or, at least somebody is.

Twitter user @Allstars_S2 reached out to say Livan is not the actual seller, despite the items selling under the name the 'Livan Hernandez collection.'

Either way, it's a decent lot. Up for auction are Livan's World Series ring and the first-pitch baseball from the Nats' first game after moving from Montreal.

Hernandez started on Opening Day of 2005 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and threw the first pitch for the Nats against leadoff hitter Jimmy Rollins. The bidding currently stands at $5,000.

One can assume it is authentic, even though the description on the auction page says the Nats were playing the Atlanta Braves. The Nats were actually playing the Phillies.

The World Series ring Hernandez earned with the 1997 Marlins is now up for auction as well, along with his World Series MVP award from that year. Also up for auction is his NL championship ring from 2002 with the Giants and his 2004 Silver Slugger award.

The auction is hosted through and bidding closes on Jan. 10. If you want a piece of Livan Hernandez' MLB career - and a part of Nationals history for that matter - have at it. Now's your chance.

(Via The official Opening Day symbol on the Nats' first-pitch baseball)


(Via Livan's autograph and '1st Pitch Ever In Nationals History' written on the ball)