Knorr interested in Nats' manager position

Knorr interested in Nats' manager position
September 3, 2013, 11:45 am
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With less than four weeks left in the Nationals' 2013 season, and with a manager everyone knows won't be back for 2014, hopeful applicants are probably already making calls to express their interest in the job. It's a good gig despite their record this year and will surely be among the top managerial openings this offseason.

Some have been more open with their interest, as Cal Ripken, Jr. was in August. And now, bench coach Randy Knorr has flat out said it.

“I would like [the Nats] to consider me. But I know Mike [Rizzo] has a bunch of people in mind, also,” Knorr told Bill Ladson of 

“It would be an honor to be considered for that job," he added.

Knorr isn't speaking out of turn at all on this one, he just answered the question. And that very same idea has been raised directly to Rizzo from reporters several times already this season. Rizzo has indicated they will consider him for the job and has praised his job as bench coach. 

Knorr has managed many players on the Nats' roster in the minor leagues over the years and has been their MLB bench coach since 2012. As a minor league manager he coached the Single-A Potomac Nationals from 2006-2008, Double-A Harrisburg in 2010 and Triple-A Syracuse in 2011. He's worked his way up Washington's farm system just like many of the Nats players.

Knorr was also a major league player for 11 years, including one season with the Montreal Expos in 2001. He was never a star in the big leagues, but paid his dues and can relate to the current players as he was in their shoes just over a decade ago.

Knorr acknowledged to that the Nats are going to consider a wide group of people. Some may have much longer and more distinguished resumes than Knorr. But if they are to go in-house and promote from within, Knorr would seem a viable choice.