Jerry Seinfeld Tweets Nats vs. Mets

Jerry Seinfeld Tweets Nats vs. Mets
July 19, 2012, 3:46 am
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The Nationals vs. Mets game on Wednesday night was broadcast nationally on ESPN in a prime time slot, a great opportunity for the first place Washington baseball club to get some exposure to baseball fans who don't usually get to see them play. One of those baseball fans, who happens to be a famous Mets fan, was watching and decided to share his thoughts via Twitter.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld first took note of Michael Morse's on-deck warmup routine, the practice swing Morse has likened to the "coiling of a snake."

The fact that Seinfeld was Tweeting and the timing of his comments on the game then got a little eerie. Mets third baseman David Wright hit a home run shortly after his first message and it happened to land inches over a scoreboard advertisement for the show 'Seinfeld' on CW-50. The comedian noticed the coincidence and shared his thoughts.

Just another day in Nats Town, one of the most famous comedians in the world watched them and live Tweeted the game. With all the entertainment the Nationals have provided fans so far this season, of course that happened. Of course.