ICYMI: Photoshop, armpits, and parties

ICYMI: Photoshop, armpits, and parties
May 30, 2014, 10:00 am
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Usually we like to keep things local when rounding up this past week's social media, but let's expand our horizons a bit as we recap what went down across the Twittersphere, Instasphere, and whatever else exists out there. 


1) If you haven't heard, Johnny Manziel likes to party. Hey, who doesn't. And this past weekend he celebrated the unofficial beginning of summer with the only other person that likes to party as much as he does. 

No... not hair gel enthusiast DJ Pauly D. 


But Gronk of course! A lot of controversy has sprung from this picture but in all honesty, wasn't it only a matter of time before these two found each other? It's offseason people. Party on. 


2) Baseball games are a summer staple. A time to sit back, relax, and share America's pastime with friends. And apparently also armpit stank. 

Courtesy of Nat's Ian Desmond:

I applaud him for his persistence after his companion first denied his efforts, but that's an over-share. How bad does BO have to be that you feel the need to share it? 


3) Tennessee Titans Charlie Whitehurst lost an arm-wrestle match, his number, and maybe a little dignity.

Time to change the Twitter handle. 


4)  After Lance Stephenson was caught whispering sweet nothings into LeBron's ear, the Internet churned up some of the best Photoshop work as of late.