Harper, Johnson fine after dugout talk

Harper, Johnson fine after dugout talk
August 7, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Why didn't the Nationals retaliate against the Braves?

Before Wednesday's game Davey Johnson was asked if Bryce Harper's home run trot the night before was a little slow, he quipped that Harper's "got a bad leg."

Well, he may have not been completely joking.

Harper appeared to possibly aggravate his left knee in the seventh inning after flying out to left field, at least to his manager. He didn't hustle to round first base as he usually does and that troubled Johnson.

"I was concerned about his leg bothering him because he didn’t round the base. That was all that was about," he said. "It wasn’t bad enough to come out of the game.”

The Braves' telecast caught Johnson and Harper talking on the bench afterwards, and it turns out it was whether the outfielder should stay in the game. 

"He was checking on my leg and seeing how I felt," Harper said. "I just told him that I felt fine and I didn’t want him to take me out of the game. I wanted to stay in the game."

To some the back-and-forth looked like an argument, that Harper was adamant in saying he didn't want to be taken out. But Harper disagreed that it was an animated conversation.

"No, I don’t think so. Not at all."

Harper missed 34 games earlier this season with bursitis in his left knee. He saw Dr. James Andrews about the condition in June and received a PRP injection and a cortisone shot. He returned July 1 and has shown no complications since.

Harper went on to lead off the ninth inning with a double off closer Craig Kimbrel in the Nats' eventual 6-3 loss.