Harper could be on video game cover

Harper could be on video game cover
December 13, 2012, 1:15 pm
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These days it isn’t hard at all to follow athletes through their offseasons. Between Twitter and Facebook pages, Instagram and blogs, almost every athlete pops up somewhere on the internet even when they are out of the spotlight.

Take the Nats this year, fans have seen Michael Morse’s wedding pictures, Ryan Zimmerman on vacation, and now know that Ian Desmond sank his first ever hole-in-one.

Two Nationals players in particular have shared a lot about their offseason on social media, Bryce Harper and Gio Gonzalez. Both are active on Twitter and also apparently share something else. Both players were involved in photo shoots this week for different products and both Tweeted pictures of them.

Here is Bryce Harper shooting a commercial for MLB The Show:

And here is Gio Gonzalez filming an ad for his clothing line:

Harper is now a candidate to grace the cover of MLB ‘13: The Show, a contest that fans can vote for. If he wins he will join Alex Ovechkin and Gilbert Arenas as local athletes to be on the cover of video games. Robert Griffin III is on NCAA Football ’13, but he’s representing the Baylor Bears and not the Redskins. That said, he will probably be on the cover of Madden some day if he keeps lighting up the NFL.

It would seem Harper has a good chance to win the cover, even though no other candidates have been announced. He is a popular young player and has expressed interest in being on the cover in the past. Harper once said he created himself in the game on PS3 before he made the majors.

In an interview with kotaku.com, Harper talked about playing the game and how it differs from real life. He said he loves throwing out players from the outfield (surprise) and can finally face Stephen Strasburg at the plate. He told kotaku that he has never faced Strasburg at full speed in real life and that the Nationals would probably never let it happen.

For more information on voting for Harper, check out the article on kotaku.com. And for more on Gonzalez’ clothing line, stay tuned on his Twitter account.