Former Nats slugger Adam Dunn is headed to the Oscars

Former Nats slugger Adam Dunn is headed to the Oscars
March 2, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Former Nationals slugger Adam Dunn is leaving White Sox spring training for a quick hiatus. The reason? The 'Big Donkey' is off to Hollywood to attend the Academy Awards.

Dunn had a cameo in the Oscar-nominated film 'Dallas Buyers Club' alongside Matthew McConaughey. He didn't have a speaking role, but he does show up on screen as a bartender named Neddie Jay.

Dunn is part of Truth Entertainment, a production company that has brought several films to the state of Texas. Their movie 'Dallas Buyers Club' has now hit it big with a nomination for Best Picture.

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The big lefty told CSN Chicago's Dan Hayes that he will be at the awards tonight, but exactly what he'll wear is a tough decision.

“That’s an easy answer — do I look like I know what I’m wearing?” Dunn told “I don’t know what to do about (the red carpet). That’s going to be really awkward.”