DeJesus saga will be resolved by Friday

DeJesus saga will be resolved by Friday
August 22, 2013, 1:30 pm
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CHICAGO — David DeJesus' strange saga with the Nationals will be resolved by Friday, with the veteran outfielder either staying in Washington or moving to the Rays via another waiver-claim deal.

DeJesus, acquired by the Nationals from the Cubs on Monday in a waiver-claim trade for a player to be named later, was reportedly placed back on waivers the following day and then claimed by Tampa Bay, according to

What happens now? There are three possible resolutions...

— The Nationals could accept the Rays' waiver claim, with Tampa Bay immediately acquiring DeJesus and being responsible for all of his contract. (He is owed about $1 million the rest of this season, with a $6.5 million club option or $1.5 million buyout for 2014.)

— The Nationals could work out a trade with the Rays, receiving something in return for DeJesus, though perhaps being left to pick up some of his salary.

— The Nationals could simply pull DeJesus back off waivers and keep him. They wouldn't be allowed to put him back on waivers again this season, so he would be their property the rest of the season.

The deadline for a resolution is 1 p.m. Friday.

While this whole situation appears out-of-the-ordinary, it's probably more common than most realize because the process usually isn't made public. Hundreds of players are placed on waivers and claimed every August but rarely does the news get out.

Manager Davey Johnson downplayed the entire story before today's game.

"He's here, and his situation is no different than anybody else's on the ballclub," Johnson said. "After you pass the trading deadline, clubs are always putting guys on waivers to see who has interest. It's another way of evaluating the talent you've got. If somebody claims him and they offer you somebody that you think fits into your future plans, you might accept the deal.

"But it's a normal practice. It's not like this is earth-shattering news. The only reason it's kind of interesting is because we picked him up on waivers. But you'd be surprised at how many guys go on waivers every day that you never hear about."