Davis confronts reporter, makes scene in Mets' clubhouse

Davis confronts reporter, makes scene in Mets' clubhouse
February 24, 2014, 12:15 pm
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The Mets clubhouse erupted into quite the unusual scene on Monday morning as first baseman Ike Davis decided to confront a New York Post reporter about a recent story published about the oblique injury he battled last season. According to Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, things got pretty tense.

Ackert transcribed some of Davis' comments which were made in front of other media members and Mets players:

“You made it look like an excuse,” Davis said, confronting the reporter. “It’s an excuse. It shouldn’t have been a story anyway. … It’s just an overblown thing. Everyone has injuries and then they get hurt. So it was pointless to write an article. I sucked last year because I sucked. It’s not because I had an injury. You always have injuries. And now it just looks bad.”

The article Davis apparently disagreed with was this one. It basically says Davis was not truthful with the Mets' training staff and therefore hurt himself and the team as he tried to play through the injury.

Davis had a rough year in 2013, hitting .205 with a .661 OPS in 103 games. Something clearly was wrong and now he says it was an injury.

Players knowing when to sit out is always a difficult decision, just look at the Nationals last season. Both Bryce Harper and Danny Espinosa played through injuries with varying success, and both have said recently they will not do so again. Especially for a younger, less established guy like Espinosa or Davis, sitting could mean losing their job. It's a tough tough call to make.

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