Davey Johnson: 'I'm going to enjoy this year'

Davey Johnson: 'I'm going to enjoy this year'
April 1, 2013, 10:45 am
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In his pregame media session on Monday, just hours before what is expected to be Davey Johnson’s last Opening Day as a major league manager, the 70-year-old skipper took a moment to put the year into perspective. This will be his 30th year in a major league dugout as either a player or manager and he finally feels it’s time to call it his last season.

He addressed his future and confirmed this is, in fact, his final run.

“I think I’m the person for the challenge this year. I think the development of this ballclub can culminate this year. Then I’ll probably turn it over to a younger, more energetic manager. That’s my thought.”

He said that throughout this year, he will try and enjoy every part of the process that he can. There are certain things about managing baseball games that he expects to miss.

“I enjoy the game of baseball, I love baseball. I love watching guys compete and deal with adversity, how they handle it. How they get better and how it fits together. That’s exciting to me, that’s what keeps my heart pumping.”

Johnson said this season he plans to be more active in pregame warmups and try to get himself in better shape, along with his players.

“I’m going to have to start thinking about me getting into better shape. Not having scheduled times to talk to you guys and being down to 25 players. I want to get into better shape. I expect to throw BP this year, take a few grounders, I’m going to enjoy this year.”

As for what Johnson plans on doing after this season, he doesn’t know yet. He left his options open and did say he wants to keep working in some capacity.

“I don’t know what lies in store for me. I have no idea. My wife talks about traveling, but she also wonders what I’ll be doing for a job. She wants me to keep working, she wants to retire. That’s another little battle going on. I want to keep working, but we’ll see.”