Challenges, replays approved for MLB in 2014

Challenges, replays approved for MLB in 2014
January 17, 2014, 9:45 am
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Baseball is going to look a little different in 2014.

Major League Baseball has approved a system of expanded replays and challenges. Beginning this year, managers will receive one challenge per game. And if that call is overturned, they will receive a second challenge.

Once the seventh inning starts or a manager has used up their maximum of two challenges, umpires may ask for their own replay review. A central office in New York will view the replay and make the call, similar to the NHL's system of sending replays to Toronto. This is intended to save time and will keep the game's umpires on the field.

Home runs were already reviewable, but here is the list of plays that are now up for challenge:

-Fan interference

-Ground rule double

-Force play

-Tag plays

-Stadium boundary calls

-Outfield fair/foul

-Outfield trap

-Hit by pitch

-Timing play (runner scoring before third out)

-Appeal play on touching a base

-Passing runner

-Record keeping on balls, strikes, outs

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'Neighborhood plays' on force outs at second base on a double play will not be reviewable.

One can imagine the system will not be perfect from the get-go, but at least baseball is trying to get missed calls right. This should, in theory, eliminate any Steve Bartman or Jeffrey Maier situations in the future.