Cal Ripken, Jr. as Nats skipper?

Cal Ripken, Jr. as Nats skipper?
August 21, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Table Manners Extra: Ripken has thought about managing

The topic of Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken, Jr. returning to the game of baseball has been widely discussed over the years since his retirement in 2001. The focus has been mainly on whether he would take a job as an executive in a front office, but now the idea of him actually being in the dugout is gaining momentum.

Ripken addressed the possibility of him being an MLB manager some day with the Junkies on Table Manners this week, and didn't deny he's thought about it.

When asked if he would like to be considered for an opening, despite the fact he has no experience as a manager, Ripken said yes.

"I'd like to think they would."

As for whether he'd have a legitimate shot at a manager position, Ripken isn't sure. He is, however, curious as to how the interview process would play out.

"I don't know. I've been asked to interview for managing jobs before, not too long ago," he said. "And I've always thought, if you have no interest in taking in then you shouldn't go through the process. But I'm curious as I'll get out there, what questions are they going to ask? What baseball quiz are they going to give me that I can't answer? So to me it's interesting."

Ripken went on to cite several current MLB managers who played during the same era and entered their jobs without managerial experience.

"We've seen [Robin] Ventura, who was a surprise pick, Mike Matheny who's done a really great job with St. Louis and he had no experience whatsoever. Donnie Mattingly was a coach under one of the great managers in Joe Torre."

Ripken thinks experience is important, but that there is only one way to know how to be an MLB manager and that is to actually be one.

"You gotta sit in the hot seat to learn yourself and the hot seat is that manager seat."