Aaron Barrett wins patriotic staring contest before Nats-Rockies game

Aaron Barrett wins patriotic staring contest before Nats-Rockies game
July 24, 2014, 1:00 am
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The Nationals may have lost to the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday, but they won where it counted thanks to reliever Aaron Barrett.

Barrett and Rockies' outfielder Brandon Barnes squared off not on the mound or at the plate, but rather standing in front of their own benches in a good ol' fashioned standoff.

After the Star Spangled Banner, both players remained on the field, hat on their hearts, refusing to leave the field before the other. Teammates urged the two on and provided towels, sunscreen and even a batters helmet.

As the standoff wore on, the pressure mounted and Barnes attempted to end it with a game of rock, paper, scissors. Barrett wasn't biting.

Finally, after nearly eight minutes, first-base umpire Jordan Baker whistled to Barnes to get off the field. A dejected Barnes turned to the bench ending the standoff and sending an elated Barrett to the bench to receive kudos from the team.

Shamefully, Colorado tried to rob the Nationals of this great moment in team history as they tried to claim victory with this Tweet:

The winner, however, was clear for everyone to see.

Today's contest was actually not the first of its kind. In Game 6 of the 2013 NLCS, Scott Van Slyke of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Joe Kelly of the St. Louis Cardinals squared off in a standoff that took so long it actually delayed the first pitch of the game. It was only a matter of time before two heroes once again took their teams upon their backs in the ultimate contest of will.

Colorado may have won the game, but thanks to Barrett, the Nationals clearly won the day.

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