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2017 'The Basketball Tournament' bracket, field announced: Meet the local competitors

The Basketball Tournament

2017 'The Basketball Tournament' bracket, field announced: Meet the local competitors

Everyone's favorite $2 million basketball tournament is back. 

"The Basketball Tournament," the grassroots summer nationwide pro-am returns for its fourth year, with another strong crop of current and former college and professional basketball players from around the globe.

The 64-team tournament begins in early July with regional rounds. The East (Philadelphia, Penn.) and South (Charlotte, N.C) regional first and second round games take place on July 8 and July 9. The Midwest (Peoria, Ill.) and West (Las Vegas, N.V.) regional first and second round games take place on July 15 and July 16. 

All regional games can be watched on the Watch ESPN app.

The tournament then shifts to New York City for the Super 16, which takes place from Jul 20 until July 23. The event will air on ESPN and ESPN2. The Basketball Tournament culminates with the Semifinals and finals which takes place the weekend of of Aug. 1 in Baltimore, Md.

The 2017 'TBT' field is littered with notable names.

We parsed through the field to find a bevy of players with local ties.

Jonathan Adams, SF — OPI (Old Dominion)

Isaiah Armwood, PF — SuperNova (George Washington)

Jerrelle Benimon, F — FCM Untouchables (Georgetown/Towson)

Josh Boone, SF — Talladega Knights (South Carroll HS/UConn)

Denzel Bowles, C — Ram Nation (James Madison)

DeJuan Blair, SF/PF — Overseas Elite (Wizards)

Bradford Burgess, Coach — Ram Nation (VCU)

Jordan Burgess, SF — Ram Nation (VCU)

Gary Forbes, SF/PF — Talladega Knights (Virginia)

Sharrod Ford, PF — DC On Point (Gwynn Park HS/Clemson)

Darryl Greene, Coach — DC On Point (DeMatha/Niagara)

Mike Hall, PF — City of Gods (George Washington)

Franklin Hassell, PF — Seven City Grain (Old Dominion)

LaFonte Johnson, GM — City of Gods (George Washington)

Cartier Martin, SF/PF — Stickmen (Wizards)

Eric Maynor, PG — Ram Nation (VCU/Wizards)

Jesse Pellot-Rosa, SF — Ram Nation (VCU)

Manny Quezada, PG/SG — Talladega Knights (St. Albans/Rutgers)

Juvonte Redic, PF — Ram Nation (VCU)

Scottie Reynolds, PG — SuperNova (Herndon HS/Villanova)

Joey Rodriguez, Coach — Ram Nation (VCU)

Brandon Rozzell, SG — Ram Nation (VCU)

Vee Sanford, PG — Broad Street Brawlers (Georgetown)

Reginald Sims, SG — DC On point (Friendly HS)

Jamie Skeen, PF — Ram Nation (VCU)

Omar Strong, PG — City of Gods (Douglass HS/Texas Southern)

Isaiah Swann, SG — DC On Point (Good Counsel HS/Florida State)

Etan Thomas, PF — City of God (Wizards)

B.A Walker, PG — Ram Nation (VCU)

Casper Ware, PG — Stickmen (Wizards)

Andrew Washington, SF — DC On Point (Friendly HS/Delaware)

Reggie Williams, SF — Ram Nation (VMI)

Chris Wright, PG — City of Gods (St. John's CHS/Georgetown)



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Art of the Max Deal: Details on Kirk Cousins' weekend round of golf with Donald Trump

Art of the Max Deal: Details on Kirk Cousins' weekend round of golf with Donald Trump

"Hey partner," Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, beckoned to Kirk Cousins.

"Get in," Trump said, as the Redskins quarterback arrived at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, N.J. on Saturday, June 10. 

Cousins arrived as a guest of Trump's for a personal round of golf, as first reported by the Washington Post.

The most powerful person in the country wanted the most powerful athlete in the nation's capital to join him for 18 holes.


Eric Shuster, CSN Mid-Atlantic's Director of Strategic Partnerships and close personal friends with the Redskins quarterback — who was acting independently — had a mutual connection with President Trump's golf partner and called Cousins to see if he would be interested. 

President Trump is an an avid golfer and sports fan. Of course he wanted to play a round with a member of the Redskins. Trump wanted to play with someone who is a "great person," a bill which Cousins fits perfectly.

So there was the biggest athlete in Washington, D.C. and the biggest politician in the country, riding together in the President's personal golf cart, engaging in a friendly match against one of Trump's golf partners and another friend. The President and the Redskins quarterback won the match by a lone stroke. 

It was just another day on the golf course, despite the gravitas of the two partners, with President Trump hitting a few long balls and being described as an "excellent putter." Like any weekend golf pair, the two complimented each other on their shots, with President Trump telling Cousins he has a nice form and will be a greater golfer when he retires. 

"Enjoyed the round of golf this past weekend," Cousins told CSN. "Grateful to Eric Shuster of CSN for making it happen. Never thought I would be able to do something like that. Another example of the incredible platform that exists in Washington, D.C."

The round was "as unpolitical as possible." The President, wearing his traditional golf outfit of blue slacks, a white golf shirt and a red "Make America Great Again" hat, was affable, cordial, and interested in getting to know Cousins. 

Despite two secret service members walking alongside the twosome, with multiple secret service members in golf carts flanking the group on every hole, the round was "peaceful" and "incredibly relaxing." 


But the day didn't start that way.  

Cousins wasn't even 100-percent sure that the round was going to happen. Pulling up to the Trump National security gate, the gravity of the day did not hit Cousins until the guards responded to their names with, "Oh, you're the POTUS' guests."

From there, politics was as far away as the White House or Cousins' hometown of Holland, Mich.

After the round, which took well under three hours, the golf group sat down to lunch in the Trump National grill, where a traditional All-American lunch was served. 

As an avid sports fan, the Commander-in-Chief talked to Cousins about everything the average weekend golfer would want to talk about.

He posed the same question everyone in the D.M.V. is asking, wanting to know if Cousins will be back with the Redskins in 2018. 

In typical Kirk fashion, the answer to the President was consistent with what he has been saying to the public, not giving specifics on the status of contract talks and focusing on football. 

The President spoke of his great friendship with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and inquired with the rest of the group on who they believe would win the NBA Finals (The Warriors led the Cavaliers 3-1 at the time). 

The President also asked the same question sports fans around the country are asking, wanting to know if LeBron James is still the best basketball player on the planet, offering up no answer himself.

It was an incredible experience, one Cousins said would love to replicate with former presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush, both avid golfers themselves. 

After all, who wouldn't love to play a three-hour round of a golf on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

CSN's Mitch Tischler contributed to this story.

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Selecting the best Wizards,Bullets 3-on-3 basketball teams

Selecting the best Wizards,Bullets 3-on-3 basketball teams

On Friday morning, the International Olympic Committee announced that several new sports will join the Olympic program for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Among the disciplines added to the new program include sport climbing, skateboarding, BMX freestyle and 3-on-3 basketball.

3-on-3 Olympic Basketball has been a hot discussion topic for a long time, with fans of all walks of life debating and arguing their choices for the best "Dream Teams."

When the 2020 Summer Olympic Games roll around, eight 4-person teams will compete in men's and women's divisions to crown Olympic 3-on-3 basketball champions for the first time ever.


That got us thinking.

If the Wizards were a country, which current four-person team (3-on-3 squad with one bench player) would they send? 

But then we did more thinking.

What is the best all-time 3-on-3 team in Wizards/Bullets history?

What are the best 3-on-3 units to player for the Wizards/Bullets at the same time?

Here are the results. 


Current Wizards 3-on-3 squad:
Guard: John Wall
Guard: Bradley Beal
Forward: Otto Porter
Sub: Markieff Morris

Analysis: Gotta go small with this team. Wall is a good defender and great at recovery blocks for a guard. Beal has improved at getting to the lane and is great from outside. Otto Porter doesn't need the ball a lot and can do the dirty work inside.

It's a toss up between Morris and Marcin Gortat for the final spot, and Gortat might be a bit too much of a defensive liability.

Wizards/Bullets best all-time 3-on-3 team:
Guard: John Wall
Forward: Chris Webber
Forward/Center: Elvin Hayes
Sub: Wes Unseld

Analysis: So many great players to choose from, it's really quite hard to make a unanimous decision. Wall gets the nod over Gilbert Arenas for a variety of reasons: Creates space better, much better at driving to the lane, vastly better on-ball defender. Plus, even with a Hall of Famer on the floor with him, we worry about Arenas getting his teammates involved. 

Chris Webber has superb passing skills in halfcourt sets, and great ball-handling and can stretch the floor. His versatility is what gave him the nod here. 

From there, it's anybody's choice. We chose Elvin Hayes as the third starter. An elite scorer, rebounder and defender. A hard choice to make, but it's hard not to go with "The Big E."

The final spot comes down to Unseld, Pearl Monroe and Phil Chenier.  A second guard and shooting specialist is probably right right choice here, which would be Monroe or Chenier, but this team is going to win with defense, and Unseld is going to bully the opposition on the blocks. With Hayes and Unseld on the court together, it doesn't matter how many jumpers Wall misses, his teammates will get all the rebounds.

Best Wizards/Bullets 3-on-3 Teams that played Together:
NOTE: We chose the best four players to overlap at least one season together, and only used a player once per decade

1960's (All four played together in 1963)
Guard: Kevin Loughery
Forward: Gus Johnson
Center: Walt Bellamy
Sub: Terry Dischinger

1970's (All four played together in 1972)
Guard: Earl Monroe
Forward: Elvin Hayes
Center: Wes Unseld
Sub: Phil Chenier

1980's (All four played together in 1987)
Guard: Jeff Malone
Forward: Bernard King
Forward/Center: Moses Malone
Sub: John Williams

1990's (All four played together in 1994)
Guard: Rex Chapman
Forward: Juwan Howard
Forward/Center: Chris Webber
Sub: Calbert Cheaney

2000's (All four played together from 2004 until 2010)
Guard: Gilbert Arenas
Forward: Caron Butler
Forward/Center: Antawn Jamison
Sub: Nick Young

2010's (All four played together in 2015)
Guard: John Wall
Guard: Bradley Beal
Forward: Paul Pierce
Center: Marcin Gortat