Sergio Romo issues apology for incident at Las Vegas airport

Sergio Romo issues apology for incident at Las Vegas airport

We learned earlier today that Giants reliever Sergio Romo was detained in a Las Vegas airport on New Year’s Day for allegedly “becoming belligerent” with a TSA officer after he couldn’t provide proper ID to pass through security. Courtesy of John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, the fan favorite has issued the following statement…

McFarland recuperating from knee injury at Norfolk


McFarland recuperating from knee injury at Norfolk

The Orioles’ summoning Ashur Tolliver to the major leagues may have taken some by surprise. They may have wondered why the Orioles didn’t bring T.J. McFarland back from Norfolk.

McFarland injured his knee in Saturday’s game for Norfolk, but had he been healthy, he would have likely gotten the call. 

Manager Buck Showalter likes McFarland’s versatility, and while he’s not a matchup left-hander, he can throw multiple innings, which is always a plus. 

The injury to McFarland’s left patella tendon was sustained when he tried to cover home plate on a wild pitch, and he told the Virginian- Pilot that he’s already going through drills to strengthen the knee. 

McFarland returned to Baltimore over the weekend for an MRI on the knee, but no structural damage was found. 

In other Norfolk news, veteran major league pitcher Brian Duensing, another left-hander has reported to the Tides. He opted out of a minor league deal with Kansas City, and reportedly could opt out of his Orioles contract next month if he’s not added to the major league roster.

Last year, the Orioles added Chris Parmelee to the major league roster in mid-June, and in 2013, briefly brought Travis Ishikawa up to the team after he invoked his opt-out clause. Ishikawa was released by the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday. 

Veteran infielder Steve Tolleson, who played for the Orioles in 2012 and returned on a minor league contract this spring, was released by the Tides earlier this week. 



Orioles pitchers imitate bullpen coach in pregame prank


Orioles pitchers imitate bullpen coach in pregame prank


If the saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is true, Orioles bullpen coach Dom Chiti must be feeling really honored. 

Before Wednesday's game against the Houston Astros, the Orioles bullpen went through their normal pregame routine. However, something was very different this time around. 

Each pitcher wore fake mustaches to imitate Chiti, who sports a thick gray mustache himself. 

The Orioles tweeted out proof of the prank, with two photos showing the pitchers posing in the clubhouse and warming up in the outfield while doing their best Chiti imitation. 

Were they able to pull off the look? You be the judge. 

Old man Tracy McGrady shakes cane at Bradley Beal for wanting max deal


Old man Tracy McGrady shakes cane at Bradley Beal for wanting max deal

Tracy McGrady, 37, is proving that there's no minimum age for former players to complain about today's NBA.

Two weeks after McGrady lamented Stephen Curry's unanimous MVP Award as evidence of a "watered-down" league, he set his crotchety sights on Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal. 

The two-time scoring champion appeared on ESPN's The Jump on Tuesday and scoffed at Beal wanting a max contract this summer. Via Bullets Forever:

If he's a max player, then I'm coming back.

Ha. First of all, no you're not, Tracy. Everyone saw you in the All-Star Celebrity Game this year. 

Second, there are few people less qualified to shake their canes at Beal than T-Mac.

Yes, a five-year, $92 million extension seems like big money for a player who averaged 17.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists last season. But let's rewind to 2000 when McGrady signed his first max contract at age 21.

This from The Philadelphia Inquirer archives:

The Magic worked out sign-and-trade deals with the Pistons and Raptors, resulting in a nice extra chunk of cash for Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady.

Both players signed seven-year, maximum-salary deals worth $93 million with their old teams, then were traded to the Magic.

So what did T-Mac do to merit max money? Average 15.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game the season prior ... not exactly numbers that blow Beal out of the water. 

Also, Beal has started 21 playoff games so far in his career and put up 21.2 points per game in the postseason. McGrady, meanwhile, had recorded 16.2 points per game in only three playoff appearances before signing his max. (Don't you just love

So the two players will likely end up getting similar money for similar production in their first big NBA contracts, but Wizards fans should hope that's where the parallells end.

While McGrady made seven-straight All-Star appearances, his career was derailed by major injuries and postseason futility. T-Mac never advanced past the second round of the playoffs until signing with San Antonio at the start of their 2012 Finals run. 

Womp womp.