Disgraced Olympian quits the sport


Disgraced Olympian quits the sport

From Comcast SportsNet
LONDON (AP) -- A Chinese badminton star is apparently quitting the sport after she was one of eight players disqualified from the doubles tournament at the London Olympics for trying to lose. A comment on a verified account for Yu Yang on the Tencent microblogging service late Wednesday read: "This is my last game. Farewell Badminton World Federation. Farewell my dear badminton." Yu's retirement could not be immediately confirmed with Chinese badminton officials. In China, the lives of top athletes are closely controlled by sports officials, including decisions on retirement. Yu and Wang Xiaoli were one of four doubles teams which appeared to play poorly on purpose to secure a more favorable position in the next phase of the event. Two teams from South Korea and another from Indonesia were disqualified from competition but allowed to stay at the games -- a step lighter than expulsion, the penalty for positive drug tests. It appeared to be the first mass disqualification in Olympic history. The feeble play was obvious to fans who attended the matches Tuesday night at Wembley Arena -- they chanted, "Off! Off! Off!" -- and to incredulous television broadcasters and viewers watching around the world. "They're serving fault and fault! They are just hitting the ball into the net!" the BBC's David Mercer said in disbelief. "They are both trying to lose, and that is unforgivable. This is the Olympic Games." The Chinese players set off a domino effect when they tried to rig the draw after China's second-seeded pair unexpectedly lost to a Danish team in the morning. The South Koreans and Indonesians, wanting to avoid a tough opponent as well, followed suit in later matchups. Teams blamed the introduction of a round-robin stage rather than a straight knockout tournament as the cause of the problem. The round-robin format can allow results to be manipulated to earn an easier matchup in the knockout round. None of the players was made available for interviews. Yu went on state television in China to apologize "to all the badminton fans and friends over yesterday's game, because we did not comply with the Olympic spirit, and did not deliver a match with our true level to the audience, the fans and the friends." In a statement released to Xinhua, the Chinese Olympic delegation criticized its players' actions. "The behavior by Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli on court violated the Olympics ideal and the spirit of fair play. The Chinese delegation feels distressed over this matter," the delegation said. Xinhua also reported Chinese badminton coach Li Yongbo apologized and accepted blame for the scandal. "As the head coach, I owe the fans and the Chinese an apology," Li said. "Chinese players failed to demonstrate their fighting spirit of the national team. It's me to blame."

Fishing report: It's cool


Fishing report: It's cool


Water temperatures are dropping. Grass is disappearing. Let's get cranking. 

Look for water temperature to get down to 70. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Highs only in the low to mid 70s this week with overnight lows in the upper 50s to low 60s. A mix of clouds and sun.”

Target grass remnants and areas with wood cover. With clouds and chop on the water, try Mann’s Classic spinnerbaits, 1/4 ounce at low tide and 3/8 at high tides. White skirts and gold blades. Tie to 12-pound test Gamma Edge fluorocarbon line. Cover water with Mann's Baby 1-Minus crankbaits. Shad patterns work, but always throw the red or craw patterns. Also on 12 pound test Edge. 

Falling tides set up well for walking Lucky Craft Gunfish on either 30-pound Gamma Torque braid or 14 pound test Copoly. Work over all cover and along docks with sunny skies and lower tides. Use shad patterns, larger size with a chop or stained water. Small ones work when water is calm and clear.

At lower tides pitch Mizmo tubes, Texas rigged on 14-pound Edge. Target leftover grass clumps or wood, including docks. Use 3/16-ounce weights. Also toss weightless stickworms Texas rigged on a 3/0 Mustad Mega Bite hook. Make long casts and lift and drop. 

Swimbaits, bladed jigs and swim jigs also will produce on every tide. Make long casts and contact grass. Either use a horizontal presentation, snapping free from grass or a lift and pop allowing baits to fall momentarily, popping again. Stronger 16 pound test Edge fluorocarbon line with a 7 foot medium heavy rod will help with sweep set or snap set, depending on presentation.

Capt. Steve Chaconas is a guide on the Potomac River. info@nationalbass.com

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Weather report: A cooler day for heated rivals

Weather report: A cooler day for heated rivals

Things are always heated whenever the Giants and Redskins meet on the field. Everything, that is, except for the weather.

Location: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.

Kickoff time: 1:00 p.m.

The season changed officially to fall over the past week and it will feel like it in New Jersey where the Redskins will hope to earn their first win of the season. According to weather.com, temperatures will reach only the upper sixties for the game, maybe hitting the 70-degree mark at game's end.

While the temperature may be a little down, the good news is that the teams will have a beautiful day to play. There is nothing but sun in the forecast.

Whatever happens Sunday, weather will not be a factor.