Boyle, Boston power past Chesapeake, 16-13


Boyle, Boston power past Chesapeake, 16-13

The Boston Cannons defeated the Chesapeake Bayhawks 16-13 onSaturday thanks mainly to the play of their perennial All-Star, RyanBoyle. Boyle recorded six assistsand two goals in an MVP worthy performance.The Bayhawks suffered their third loss of the season andsecond on this four-game round trip despite the strong play of goalkeeper KipTurner, who recorded 16 saves.John Grant Jr. also recorded four goals and two assists in the losingeffort.We played well in spurts, but were not consistent enough towin a hard-fought game against a very good team, Chesapeake head coach DaveCottle said.Chesapeake started the game strong and took a 3-0 lead inthe first period, but Boston responded quickly trimming the lead to one at theend of the first. After some closeplay, Boston pulled away with a 4-1 third period and Chesapeake was unable torecover.The Bayhawks will look to rebound at home against rival LongIsland Lizards on Saturday, August 4th. For more information, click here

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Nats react to bizarre play when ump hit by wild pitch in loss to Rockies

Nats react to bizarre play when ump hit by wild pitch in loss to Rockies

In the eighth inning on Sunday, when Koda Glover's 96 mile per hour fastball sailed past Wilson Ramos' glove, Ramos heard a sound behind him and it was loud. That ball hit something and it wasn't the backstop. Ramos knows that sound. This was different.

He turned and saw home plate ump Mike Muchlinski on the ground. Muchlinski had fallen to his knees in pain, having taken a direct shot to his left shoulder.

"I knew it was a very hard thrown baseball. I heard the impact and it was very, very hard and loud," Ramos said through interpreter Octavio Martinez. "Based on the velocity of the ball, I knew it had impacted him pretty hard. The reaction I did was just to make sure the umpire was okay."

Ramos then realized the play was live, that the ball had ricocheted to the backstop, that Rockies shortstop Daniel Descalso had taken off from second and was on his way home.

"When I looked for the ball, I looked in the wrong direction because I didn't find it," Ramos said. "I turned around and couldn't find the baseball right away, so I felt a little lost in that sense."

Descalso would score on what was ruled a wild pitch. Muchlinksi remained behind home plate to call the rest of the game. But the Nats had allowed an insurance run that came in handy for the Rockies later on, especially after Bryce Harper hit a solo homer in the ninth to make it a 5-3 game. 

"That would’ve been a one run game, a different story. The ball hit the umpire. Willie was concerned about the umpire. The batter kept running, Baker said. "I guess in essence you got to go get the ball then come back and see how he is. I’ve never seen that play before."

Technically, the play falls on Ramos, who should have tracked the ball to the backstop and retrieved it. He was the only one who had a chance at it. Glover was too far away, as was first baseman Ryan Zimmerman. 

Glover, though, took ownership of the original mistake, the errant pitch.

"Me and Ramos got crossed up. I thought he put down a different pitch. it's on me, I squared the umpire up. Honestly, I don't know how that run's able to score. At most, I thought he'd be told to got to third. But that's just baseball," he said.

Given Baker - who has been in MLB for six decades - had never seen such a play, it's no surprise that Glover, a rookie, hadn't either. 

They may never see it again. For Ramos, though, he'll have to keep it in mind moving forward and hope the result is different next time, if there is one.

"I honestly don't know what the umpires could have done in that situation," he said. "I really don't know what they could do in that situation. It's really hard."

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Does injury doom Marshall's chances of making the Redskins' roster?

Does injury doom Marshall's chances of making the Redskins' roster?

With running back Keith Marshall out for at least three weeks after suffering a sprained elbow and the roster cut looming, the Redskins’ coaches are going to have some tough decisions to make. Marshall’s hopes of making the team’s 53-man roster may fall victim to bad timing.

All NFL rosters must be cut to 53 players by Saturday. Matt Jones and Chris Thompson are locks to be two of the running backs. It looks like Robert Kelley, who took advantage of the opportunity that he had when Marshall went out against the Bills, is a strong favorite to claim a third spot.

Will the Redskins carry a fourth running back? If they do, will it be Marshall? That would be tough to do. With the season opener against the Steelers coming up two weeks from today they would have to carry an injured running back for at least the first two regular season games and possibly longer depending on the results of the reevaluation. With Jones recovering from an AC joint sprain, Thompson best suited to the third down role, and Kelley unproven the Redskins would need someone who could be of more immediate help. That means perhaps keeping Mack Brown on the roster, or picking up a back on waivers from another team.

And beyond the three-week window, the Redskins have to be concerned about Marshall’s durability. He lasted until the seventh round in the draft due to his difficulties staying on the field when he was at Georgia. Do the Redskins want to stretch their roster numbers to keep him on when his history says that he could end up out with another injury soon after that?

If Marshall had been stellar in practice or if he had been a preseason star (he wasn’t, with 16 carries for 28 yards, an average of 1.8 yards/carry) it might be a more difficult decision. But he wasn’t, so it’s hard to see the Redskins jumping through hoops to keep him around for the 2016 season.

However, they may want to keep him for future seasons. Sometimes in an NFL environment players learn how to take better care of their bodies and how to avoid getting injured. Perhaps they will put Marshall on injured reserve, have him spend the season and the 2017 offseason around the facility, and let him give it a go next year.

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Running back Marshall expected to miss 3 weeks with elbow injury

Running back Marshall expected to miss 3 weeks with elbow injury

Rookie running back Keith Marshall is expected to miss three weeks after suffering a strained elbow in Friday's preseason game.

Marshall was scheduled to have an MRI exam on Saturday. While there has been no official word from the team as to the severity of Marshall's injury, CSN's Chick Hernandez is reporting he will be re-evaluated in three weeks.