??AP Pro32 ballot from Pompei??

??AP Pro32 ballot from Pompei??
October 9, 2012, 5:34 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Dan Pompei of Chicago Tribune:

Week 6

DAN POMPEI (Chicago Tribune)

1. Houston Texans - They have outscored opponents by 76 points this year, which tells you something about all three phases of their game.

2. Atlanta Falcons - Its been difficult for opposing offenses to hang with the Falcons' offense, which is averaging 31 points per game.

3. San Francisco 49ers - This team has had more dominating victories than any other.

4. Baltimore Ravens - Well, what do you know? They can play defense, too.

5. New England Patriots - They have the most explosive offense in the NFL, and as long as they take care of the football the offense could keep getting better.

6. Chicago Bears - Their defense has become one of the best offenses in the NFL.

7. Arizona Cardinals - There is much to question about the Cardinals, but we still have to respect their 4-1 record.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - Their victory over the Eagles could have been a turning point. The Steelers might be starting to come on.

9. Philadelphia Eagles - Unless Michael Vick starts taking better care of the football, the Eagles will continue to drop.

10. New York Giants - We will find out everything we need to know about the Giants on Sunday when they visit San Francisco in an NFC championship game rematch.

11. Green Bay Packers - How many losses that are "exceptional" can we grant the Packers before we start believing they are what their record says they are?

12. Minnesota Vikings - They have done everything the good teams do except convince everyone they can do it for 16 games.

13. San Diego Chargers - They lost in New Orleans but appear to have the running game going: that's something to build on moving forward.

14. Cincinnati Bengals - Good teams don't lose at home to the Dolphins. The Bengals need more offensive consistency.

15. St. Louis Rams - The Rams over .500? That's enough to make a front office guy faint.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Being the worst team in the NFL's best division isn't so bad, if that's what the Seahawks are.

17. Denver Broncos - We know they can score, but they need to be able to score before they are out of the game.

18. Dallas Cowboys - They took last Sunday off. Some will tell you they also took the previous Monday off as well.

19. Washington Redskins - Keeping RG3 standing and bringing down opponents may be conflicting interests. But the Redskins need to protect the QB.

20. Detroit Lions - Tom Lewand is right: they are better than 1-3. They will show us how much better in their next two games against Philadelphia and Chicago.

21. New Orleans Saints - Apparently all they need is to have Sean Payton in the stadium and they are a different team.

22. Indianapolis Colts - Emotion is a powerful force in football, and right now the Colts have it on their side.

23. Miami Dolphins - Both Ryan Tannehill and the defense have shown improvement, and the Dolphins could be a dangerous team moving forward.

24. New York Jets - Seems like every week is another week closer to Tebow Time.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They are 1-3 but they have been in every game in the fourth quarter.

26. Oakland Raiders - They have struggled on defense. And here comes Matt Ryan and company.

27. Buffalo Bills - They have given up 48 points in their last three losses. The line of quarterbacks who would like to play the Bills starts on the right.

28. Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton's second year tumble is almost as stunning as his first year success.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - The ship looks like it's going down, and it looks like it's Brady Quinn's turn to start bailing.

30. Tennessee Titans - In each of their four losses they have been outscored by at least 21 points.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars - The problem with the Jaguars is if Maurice Jones-Drew gets shut down, they have no other way of beating a team.

32. Cleveland Browns - As the NFL's only remaining winless team, they are now officially the favorite in the Geno Smith sweepstakes.



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