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Gruden explains coordinator hires, play-calling duties
Jay Gruden discussed why the Redskins promoted from within to fill both coordinator positions. He also hinted at who will be calling plays next year.
Gruden: Redskins 'totally anticipate' Cousins being back
Jay Gruden said Tuesday at the Senior Bowl in Alabama that the franchise 'totally anticipates' that Kirk Cousins will be with the team in 2017.
Gruden voices confidence that Cousins will return to Redskins
Jay Gruden provided a glimmer of optimism for Redskins fans freaked out about Kirk Cousins' contract situation.
Redskins defense can't stop Matt Stafford for 5th worst play of 2016
The Redskins' four-game winning streak came to a sudden stop when Matthew Stafford pulled off a miracle in the Motor City.
Who else might want to trade for Cousins?
We all know the buzz about Kirk Cousins to the San Francisco 49ers. But what other teams might be interested in making a deal?
Ryan Kerrigan saves the day in 5th best Redskins play
Tander and JP continue the Redskins best/worst 2016 countdown with a Ryan Kerrigan play that saved a game in Philadelphia that was much closer than it should have been.
Jay Gruden 'felt most comfortable' with Greg Manusky
Redskins coach Jay Gruden explained he learned a lot of football during the defensive coordinator search, but in the end, felt most comfortable with Greg Manusky. 
Manusky's philosophy: Chew gum and kick a**
The Redskins pointed to Greg Manusky's high energy and passionate coaching style as reasons for his promotion to defensive coordinator. His philosophy hit exactly those notes. 
NTK: Gruden's fate hinges on Manusky, McCloughan
Need to Know: Greg Manusky may not have been Jay Gruden's first choice for defensive coordinator but the fate of the head coach rests with him and Scot McCloughan.
Which team is the best fit for Kirk Cousins?
CSN's Brian Mitchell and Chick Hernandez dive deep into which team might be best for Cousins besides the Redskins.
Finlay on trading Cousins: Now is the time for speculation
Redskins Insider JP Finlay talks about the different options the Redskins could explore this offseason with regards to Kirk Cousins.
What should be expected from the new Redskins coordinators?
Redskins Insider JP Finlay talks about what to expect from the new Redskins coordinators.
Redskins want to keep same offensive system, Cavanaugh says
There's still work to be done for the Redskins' offense, but the team's new offensive coordinator, Matt Cavanaugh, is excited for next season.
Manusky says most important thing is to play as one unit
A day after the Redskins announced Greg Manusky's promotion to defensive coordinator, he stopped by Redskins Nation to talk about his expectations for the future.
Jay Gruden talks coordinator promotions, coaching changes
After the Redskins announced in-house hires for both offensive and defensive coordinators, head coach Jay Gruden stopped by Redskins Nation to explain the moves.
Redskins hire former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula
The Jim Tomsula rap song
The Redskins hired former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula. You may not believe it, but there is a "Jim Tomsula" rap song.
New #RedskinsTalk - With coordinators in house, all eyes on Kirk Cousins
The Redskins found two new coordinators and Rich Tandler is more excited by the hires than JP Finlay. Listen as they break down the promotions, and talk Kirk Cousins' contract. 
Final Countdown: Punch to the gut floors Redskins in Arizona
Tandler and JP ponder play No. 6 on their worst of the year, a gut punch the Redskins didn't even see coming. 
Kirk Cousins will make Pro Bowl, per report
Kirk Cousins' price tag just moved even higher with the news that he will replace Matt Ryan in the Pro Bowl. 
Redskins hire Tomsula for D-line, announce coordinators
The Redskins have made official some coaching staff changes that have been reported over the last few days.
3 potential concerns with Redskins promotion of Matt Cavanaugh
The Redskins offense performed well in 2016, and promoting Matt Cavanaugh to offensive coordinator came with little surprise. That doesn't mean concerns might not emerge.
The Junkies give a lukewarm review of the coordinator hires
Following a weekend in which the Redskins made choices at both coordinator positions, the Sports Junkies give a very measured take on the hires.
Redskins stay in house for coordinator hires
Need to Know: The fact that the Redskins promoted an assistant coach to be the defensive coordinator doesn't mean there won't be changes. 
Why did Redskins make in-house promotions for coordinators?
CSN's Redskins Insider JP Finlay sheds some light on the team's recent in-house hires for offensive and defensive coordinators.
Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins
Possibility of Kirk Cousins and Kyle Shanahan reuniting exists
Kirk Cousins posted on Instagram from the Georgia Dome today, and it raises an interesting question about the Redskins quarterback's future.
Cousins laments unforeseen consequences of missing playoffs
Kirk Cousins learned the hard way what happens when you miss the playoffs: You get stuck at the mall with your wife. 
3 reasons why promoting Matt Cavanaugh makes sense for Redskins
When Sean McVay left to coach the Rams, many expected Matt Cavanaugh to take over his spot as Redskins offensive coordinator. Here are three reasons why it makes sense.
Poll: What is your approval rating for the Manusky hire?
Poll: What is your approval rating for the Manusky hire?
Redskins promote Matt Cavanaugh to offensive coordinator
CSN's Chick Hernandez has learned that the Redskins will promote QB coach Matt Cavanaugh to their vacant offensive coordinator role. 
3 potential concerns with Redskins' promotion of Manusky
News broke Sunday that the Redskins will promote Greg Manusky to replace Joe Barry. There are plenty of reasons for the hire, but also potential concerns.
Ex-Redskin had fire alarm issues in New England, too
One ex-Redskin defender said that when he was with the Broncos, the team had fire alarm issues before a road game in New England, too.
Manusky only the first step for the Redskins
The Redskins have completed the first--and possibly least important--step towards improving their defense. Now comes the hard part. 
3 reasons the Redskins hired Greg Manusky
After firing Joe Barry, the Redskins found his replacement within the team, promoting outside linebackers coach Greg Manusky. Here's 3 reasons why it happened.
Redskins hire internal candidate for defensive coordinator
The Redskins have settled on their defensive coordinator of the future. The team went with an internal candidate for the position.
Championship Sunday: Tandler & JP make their picks
Tandler and JP bring you their picks for today's conference championship games, first up is Atlanta vs Green Bay, then New England vs Pittsburgh.
Garcon shows he's more than possession WR in 'Skins 6th best play
For No. 6 on their list of the best plays of 2016, Tandler and JP again take one from the Sunday night win over the Packers, and it even got Pierre Garçon smiling. 
A surprise for Redskins defensive coordinator?
Need to Know: Tandler has some quick takes including the defensive coordiator job, DeAngelo Hall, and the dumbest team setting the market.
The Final Countdown: (No. 7) Eli goes deep, Redskins go down
The Redskins came into Week 17 needing a win to make the playoffs. The Giants had nothing to play for, but that didn't matter to Eli Manning and Tavarres King.
Report: One team Redskins need to watch out for with Kirk Cousins
There has been plenty of talk about the Redskins possibly trading Kirk Cousins, but nothing like the bombshell that could come if Kyle Shanahan gets named 49ers head coach. 
The Final Countdown: Josh Norman INT lands on Redskins best play list
When Cleveland came to play the Redskins in Week 4, it seemed like a sure win for Washington. Late in the game, Josh Norman made a play to put away the feisty Browns. 
The first round of the draft could fall into place for the Redskins
Need to Know: A look back at the Redskins week that was including the chances that things will fall perfectly for the Redskins in the draft. 
Gus Bradley headed to Chargers as defensive coordinator
Cross one more name off the list for the Redskins in their search for a defensive coordinator.
Report seems to indicate future OC move
A new reported Redskins quarterback coach could signal what the team is looking to do to fill its vacant offensive coordinator spot.
JP Finlay: Latest on Redskins offensive coordinator search
JP Finlay has the latest on the offensive coordinator search by the Washington Redskins.
Redskins' Rob Kelley has knee procedure
According to a report, Redskins running back Rob Kelley has had a procedure on his knee.
Kerrigan has procedure on elbow
We already knew that Ryan Kerrigan will not be playing in the Pro Bowl a week from Sunday. Now we know why.
The Final Countdown: Redskins 8th worst play of the season
Tandler and JP continue their look at what went wrong in 2016 with a bad turn of events in the desert as they count down the Top 10 Redskins worst plays of the season. 
Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Dennis Thurman
The Redskins are set to interview Dennis Thurman for their vacant offensive coordinator position. Here is a look at Thurman’s qualifications for the job.
New Podcast - Ever wonder how B-Mitch became a Redskin?
Ever wondered how Brian Mitchell landed with the Redskins? It's an awesome story, after B-Mitch didn't get an invite to the Senior Bowl, he found his own path. 
One 'Skins player says team has 'no idea' of Kirk's future
During a podcast discussion with J.P. Finlay, Redskins defensive lineman A.J. Francis says only a select few people know how Cousins' future will play out.
John Pagano, USAT
Pagano doesn't have many Redskins ties, but a few bright spots
John Pagano, a newer name in the Redskins defensive coordinator search, has worked with the Chargers since 2002, but outside of longevity, his resume isn't particularly impressive. 
Redskins meet with another ex-Chargers defensive coordinator
The Redskins continue to cast a wide net in their search for a new defensive coordinator as they talk to a second former Chargers defensive coordinator. 
How long is too long for the Redskins' coordinator search?
Need to Know: The Redskins are conducting a thorough search for a new defensive coordinator but when could beeing too deliberate hurt them?
Top 5: Ranking the best available coordinators for Redskins
CSN Redskins insider JP Finlay joined Chick Hernandez to break down the remaining candidates for the Redskins' two coordinator positions and who would be the best fit.
Jordan Reed USAT
Redskins doctor explains player safety practices
The Redskins' Dr. Robin West spoke with Larry Michael on Redskins Nation about the precautions taken to protect players.
Norman gets in heated debate with Jason Whitlock over Cousins
As the discussion rages around free agent Kirk Cousins, Josh Norman made clear he wants the passer back, and that the Redskins struggles in 2016 were not the QB's fault. 
The Final Countdown: Redskins 9th worst play of the year
Tandler and JP continue looking at what went wrong in 2016, counting down the worst plays of 2016. This one happened early. Very early. 
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - A.J. Francis talks coaches and Cousins
Redskins defensive lineman A.J. Francis opens up to JP Finlay on what it's like to play for Jay Gruden, his pick for defensive coordinator, and the latest on Kirk Cousins' contract.
Dennis Thurman, Rex Ryan, USAT
Redskins set to interview new defensive coordinator candidate
The Redskins have conducted interviews with a number of candidates at defensive coordinator, but a new name emerged from the Rx Ryan coaching tree, per a report.
The Final Countdown: Redskins 9th best play of 2016
Tandler and JP continue their countdown of the best plays of 2016 with a look at a game changer in the Meadowlands.
Agent: Callahan not interested in promotion with Redskins
You can strike Redskins offensive line coach Bill Callahan off the list of candidates for the team’s vacant offensive coordinator position.
Trent Williams: The best is yet to come
The 2016 season was a trying one for Trent Williams, but statisticians are still raving over his performance — though he says he can actually be better. 
The early odds on what happens with Redskins and Cousins
It's early in the NFL business season but it seems that the options for the Redskins and free agent QB Kirk Cousins are taking shape. 
Should the Redskins consider dealing Kirk Cousins?
CSN's Brian Mitchell and Rob Carlin discuss how the Redskins should approach their offense in the offseason.
McVay credits head coach job to great Redskins experiences
In a sit-down with Redskins Nation's Larry Michael, former Redskins offensive coordinator and current LA Rams head coach Sean McVay said he's humbled by this opportunity.
3 of 4 Redskins named to Pro Bowl won't attend
After all three players dealt with injuries late in the year, Jordan Reed, Brandon Scherff and Ryan Kerrigan will skip the Pro Bowl. 
Did Romo deserve better from Dallas? Packers trainer thinks so
Microphones picked up an interesting exchange between Tony Romo and the Packers' head trainer after Dallas lost to Green Bay. 
Ranking the Redskins 10 worst plays of the season
Tandler and JP like balance so we must count down the 10 worst Redskins plays of the season. Here's No. 10.
Ranking the Redskins 10 best plays of the season
Tandler and JP start the countdown of the Redskins best and worst plays of 2016 with the No. 10 on the best list, starting with a big play in Baltimore.
Redskins interviewed internal candidate for DC
The Redskins announced they interviewed an internal candidate Tuesday for the team's defensive coordinator opening. 
Projecting the Redskins' 2017 roster—Defense
The Redskins' defensive roster should undergo a lot of change in 2017. Tandler takes a shot at what it might end up looking like. 
Did the Redskins underachieve in 2016?
Some thoughts on the coordinator search and more, including wondering if the Redskins' record was worse than their level of play. 
Kyle Shanahan USAT
Does Kyle Shanahan have tools to be successful head coach?
In light of news that the San Francisco 49ers plan to offer him their head coaching job, Rob Carlin and Brian Mitchell discuss if former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan can succeed in the role.
Gus Bradley USAT
#RedskinsTalk Podcast Episode 40 - Picking Redskins coordinators
As the Redskins settle into the offseason without both an offensive and defensive coordinator, JP Finlay and Rich Tandler debate who will get the jobs, and when they will be announced. 
Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Jason Tarver
The Redskins are going to interview Jason Tarver to be their defensive coordinator. Who, you ask? Here is a look at his career. 
JP & Tandler select Redskins Offensive Player of the Year
The Redskins offense moved the ball at a prodigious rate in 2016, so picking the best offensive player shouldn't be too tough. Right? Can anybody compete with Kirk Cousins for this award?
An early look at 1st-round draft possibilities for the Redskins
Need to Know: We're 100 days away from the NFL draft and while draft boards are in their embryonic stage let's look at some possibilities.
Rob Ryan, USAT
Is Rob Ryan a good fit for the Redskins?
Julie Donaldson and Brian Mitchell debate whether Rob Ryan is the answer at defensive coordinator for the Redskins.
Report: Redskins sign CB Tharold Simon
In an effort to improve their secondary and add some depth, the Redskins reportedly signed the former Seahawks and Cardinals cornerback Monday.
Report: Redskins to interview ex-Raiders defensive coordinator
The Redskins have set up another interview with a candidate to fill their vacant defensive coordinator position.
Rob Ryan, USAT
Redskins interviewed Rob Ryan
Plenty of Redskins fans wanted the team to interview Rex Ryan for defensive coordinator. Well, they aren't talking to Rex, but instead, his brother Rob. 
Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Norman USAT
Tandler & JP name Redskins' Defensive Player of the Year
Redskins 2016 season awards: It's not an easy task to pick the best player on a mediocre unit but Tandler and JP give it a go with their Defensive Player of the Year Award.
Projecting the Redskins 2017 roster—Offense
How much change will there be in the Redskins roster on offense? Tandler takes a look. 
Cap room a dilemma for Redskins McCloughan?
Need to Know: A six pack of subjects to start the week including the coordinator jobs, stadium matters, and money problems.
Weather traps Cowboys players, fans at stadium after loss
The Cowboys suffered a painful playoff loss to the Packers on Sunday. To make matters worse, severe weather trapped them in the stadium afterward. 
Redskins players live tweet wild Cowboys-Packers game
Redskins players were live tweeting Sunday's playoff matchup between the Cowboys and Packers. Guess who they were rooting for...
Barry Church, USAT
Scouting the playoffs: Free agent targets in Cowboys-Packers
The Redskins have a ton of needs and a lot of cap space. Which players from the Cowboys divisional playoff game against the Packers could draw interest? 
Possible Redskins free agent targets in Steelers-Chiefs
The Redskins have a ton of needs and a lot of cap space. Which players in tonight's Steelers-Chiefs game could draw their interest? 
JP & Tandler pick winners in Dallas/Green Bay and Kansas City/Pittsburgh
The NFL playoffs roll on and Tandler and JP pick the winners in today's divisional round games, Packers vs. Cowboy early and Steelers vs. Chiefs in the nightcap. 
The Redskins week that was—Who's going to run the defense?
Need to Know: A look back at the Redskins week that was includig coordinator searches and some money matters. 
Report: Redskins promoting Cavanaugh to OC
The Redskins are going with an internal candidate to fill the vacant offensive coordinator role, per a report. 
Chris Chester, USAT
Scouting the playoffs: Possible Redskins free agents in Seahawks-Falcons
The Redskins have a ton of needs and a lot of cap space. Which players from the Falcons divisional playoff game against the Seahawks could draw interest? 
Possible Redskins free agent targets in Texans-Patriots
The Redskins have a ton of needs and a lot of cap space. Which players in tonight's game could draw their interest? 
JP & Tandler pick winners from Texans/Patriots and Falcons/Seahawks
The NFL playoffs roll on and Tandler and JP pick the winners in today's divisional round games, Atlanta vs Seattle early and New England vs Houston in nightcap. 
Redskins offensive coordinator resume: Matt Cavanaugh
If the Redskins look internally for a new defensive coordinator, QB coach Matt Cavanaugh would be a viable candidate. 
Joe Barry to join Sean McVay with LA Rams
The Redskins dismissed defensive coordinator Joe Barry earlier this month, but it did not take the veteran coach long to find a new job. 
Setting the odds on the Redskins' new OC
Need to Know: Who is the favorite to become the Redskins' next offensive coordinator? Tandler places his bets. 
Who could the Redskins target for open coordinator positions
Who are the Redskins targeting for their open offensive and defensive coordinator positions? Could they promote from within?
Could Jim Tomsula join the Redskins staff?
Could former 49ers coach Jim Tomsula join the Redskins staff?
Chris Baker rocking the red at Caps-Hawks
Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker is at Verizon Center on Friday night for Capitals-Blackhawks.
Sean McVay introduced as Rams head coach, thanks Redskins
Sean McVay was introduced as the new head coach of the Rams and thanked the Redskins for his time with the organization
Locker room trust was major reason in hiring McVay
Los Angeles Rams' GM Les Snead saw the way Redskins players treated Sean McVay and that was the main reason he know he had his new head coach.
James Urban,
One name to consider should Redskins look outside at OC
It seems the Redskins will look in-house for their offensive coordinator position, but if they look outside the organization, Bengals WR coach James Urban could be worth watching. 
Compton fails while congratulating McVay
Will Compton, like many of his teammates, used Twitter to voice support for Sean McVay's new job. But in doing so, he made a major error.
An easy choice for Redskins' best special teamer of 2016
Next up as Tandler and Finlay pick the Redskins 2016 awards: A no-brainer pick on special teams.
Redskins offensive coordinator resume: Bill Callahan
The Redskins might look just down the hall from Sean McVay's office to find a replacement. 
Sean McVay, DeSean Jackson USAT
With McVay in LA, will Redskins free agents follow?
With Sean McVay installed as the Rams new head coach, some question if Redskins free agents will be tempted to follow. Notably, DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garçon.
Mike Vrabel USAT
Will new names emerge in Redskins D-coordinator search?
When the Redskins fired Joe Barry, it seemed the team had a logical list of possible replacements, but that list has since dwindled. What's next?
Mike Pettine, USAT
Is Pettine now the favorite for Redskins defensive coordinator?
Need to Know: The coaching carousel spun furiously on Thursday; now Tandler examines the aftermath. 
Time to be concerned about Redskins' offseason?
The Redskins have lost both coordinators and have gotten nowhere with Kirk Cousins. So is it time to start worrying about the offseason in Washington ?
Time to be concerned about start of Redskins' offseason?
The Sports Junkies take sides in a debate over whether the Redskins are in a better place or worse place than they were a few weeks ago.
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - Answers, or just more questions?
What happens next for Jay Gruden? Brian Mitchell and Rob Carlin join JP Finlay to discuss the departure of Sean McVay and the need for a strong defensive coordinator.
Charley Casserly: Why Sean McVay is right for Rams
Former Redskins GM Charley Casserly explains why he thinks Sean McVay will succeed with the LA Rams as head coach.
After grabbing Sean McVay, Rams hire Wade Phillips, per report
First the Rams named Sean McVay as their new head coach. Then, per a report, the Rams will add Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. Tough day for the Redskins. 
Tress Way and Nick Sundberg
Tress Way and Nick Sundberg play league table tennis
To those that said the ping pong table in the Washington clubhouse was a distraction, at least these players got something out of it.
Phillips to Rams despite reported interview with Redskins
According to report on Thursday afternoon, Wade Phillips will visit the Redskins on Friday.
Gus Bradley and Mike Pettine
Leading candidate for Redskins at defensive coordinator
After their second interview among interested candidates, there is one person who has emerged as the top candidate for the Redskins at defensive coordinator according to J.P. Finlay.
Tom Brady, Sean McVay, Matt Ryan
19 NFL QBs older than Sean McVay
Sean McVay is now the youngest head coach in NFL history and is currently younger than 19 NFL quarterbacks.
No need to worry about Cousins following McVay
Redskins fans may miss Sean McVay but they don't have to worry about him taking Kirk Cousins along with him to LA. 
What Sean McVay to L.A. means for Redskins?
J.P. Finlay on what Sean McVay becoming the head coach of the L.A. Rams means to the Washington Redskins and how there may be ripple effects for the team.
Sean McVay and Lane Kiffin
History not kind to young head coaches
Sean McVay made history on Thursday, becoming the youngest coach in NFL history. But that may not be a great thing. 
Sean McVay talks with DeSean jackson
DeSean Jackson has high praise for new Rams coach
Sean McVay is headed to LA to become the Rams new head coach and DeSean Jackson -- a native of Los Angeles -- had some very nice things to say. 
McVay to Rams; Redskins now replacing both coordinators
With Sean McVay taking the head coaching job with the Rams, the Redskins now need coordinators on both sides of the ball. 
Baker wants to talk contract at Caps game
Chris Baker posted an old picture of himself with Redskins GM Scot McCloughan at a Capitals game. He seems to think it's a good place to do business. 
If McVay leaves, don't expect Redskins to hire outsider
If Sean McVay leaves the Redskins, who should replace him at offensive coordinator? And who will call the plays? Expect Jay Gruden to look at these candidates. 
Award Tour: Who was the Redskins Coach of the Year?
Tandler and JP kick off their 2016 season awards by disagreeing on their choices for coach of the year. 
Redskins feeling ripple effects
The Redskins are being thorough in their search for a defensive coordinator but moves around the NFL could take quality candidates off of the market. 
How would Kirk Cousins perform in Kyle Shanahan's offense?
The 2017 pairing of Kirk Cousins and Kyle Shanahan is a long shot, certainly, but Chris Cooley talked about how the Redskins quarterback might perform in Shanahan's system.
5 Redskins reserves who could have bigger roles in 2017
The roles of players change from year to year. These reserve players could take a step up in 2017.
Redskins interview Gus Bradley
The Redskins interviewed former Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley for their vacant defensive coordinator position today.
Sean McVay, Wade Phillips, USAT
Redskins might lose McVay to Rams, and Wade Phillips too
The prospect of the Redskins losing Sean McVay continues to grow, and now it's possible he could take a potential defensive coordinator candidate with him, per reports.
Redskins hold on to progress in key stat but must improve in 2017
For the second straight year the Redskins ouscored their opponents over the course of the season. That's a modest achievement but they haven't done it for 17 years. 
Why the Mike Pettine interview is a promising sign
JP Finlay was a guest on the Sports Junkies on Wednesday, and said that the Redskins interviewing Mike Pettine is a good idea by the organization.
Five possible Redskins free agent targets
Need to Know: NFL free agency will be here before you know it. Here are five possible targets who fit the team's needs and budget. 
Redskins ranked near bottom in 2016 defensive spending
Redskins fans can blame Joe Barry, but looking where the team spent money in 2016, it becomes obvious that Washington did not invest enough on their defense.
Redskins opponents had the green light in the red zone
Jay Gruden said that the Redskins were "terrible" in three key areas all season. One of them was red zone defense. 
Junkies imagine a scenario where 'Skins may draft Watson
J.P. Flaim of the Junkies knew how it would sound, but he said it anyway: Is there a scenario where the Redskins consider drafting Deshaun Watson?
Poll: Your approval rating if the Redskins hire Pettine
Poll: Would you approve if the Redskins hire Mike Pettine as their defensive coordinator? 
Could Deshaun Watson somehow land with the Redskins?
Yes, it sounds CRAZY, but J.P. Flaim of the Sports Junkies laid out a scenario where he thinks the Redskins would be enticed to draft Deshaun Watson in the upcoming NFL Draft.
Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Mike Pettine
A look at the coaching resume of Mike Pettine, the former Browns head coach the Redskins interviewed on Monday. 
Casserly would be 'surprised' if McVay was hired
Sean McVay is a candidate for a couple head coaching jobs this offseason, but Charley Casserly doesn't think he'll be chosen for either of them.
Rex Ryan, Mike Pettine, USAT
3 reasons for Mike Pettine as Redskins defensive coordinator
The Redskins announced a surprise that Mike Pettine got the first interview for a new defensive coordinator. Here are three reasons why he could be a good hire. 
Charley Casserly would be surprised if Sean McVay was hired
Charley Casserly called into the Sports Junkies on Tuesday and said 'nobody jumps out' of the current coaching candidates, including Sean McVay.
The Redskins need to take two steps forward
After taking a half step back in 2016, the Redskins need to take a big leap forward this coming season. 
Report: Giants trash plane back to New York after Wild Card blowout
The Giants got blown out in Green Bay on Sunday, losing 38-13, and reports show that the team took out their frustrations on the plane on the way back to New York. 
10th grade Bo Scarbrough vs. 11th grade Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins impressed with the talented Alabama RB
After two touchdowns in the first half of the national championship, everyone was in awe of Bo Scarbrough, including Kirk Cousins. 
McVay, Gruden, USAT
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: Prepare for two new coordinators?
Rich Tandler and Mitch Tischler join JP Finlay to talk about the Redskins defensive coordinator search and what might happen if Sean McVay gets a head coaching gig. 
Greg Toler: 'This year we didn't play Redskins football'
At the end of the season, Greg Toler offers his analysis on the Redskins heading into the off-season and what they didn't do in 2016.
Will Compton: 'We're on the right track'
In Will Compton's exit interview, he believes that the Redskins are going in the right direction and were a little too optimistic this year.
Mike Pettine, USAT
Redskins hold first interview for defensive coordinator
Since the Redskins released Joe Barry last week speculation has grown about who the club hires next as defensive coordinator. Mike Pettine is an unexpected name. 
Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Gus Bradley
According to the buzz from national NFL insiders, Gus Bradley is the favorite to become the Redskins' defensive coordinator.
Redskins offense was historically inefficient in 2016
Anyone who watched the 2016 Redskins got the feeling that the offense wasn’t very efficient but it was worse than you may have thought. 
Steve Spurrier, AP
'5-11, not very good' with Redskins, in college Spurrier makes Hall of Fame
The Steve Spurrier era with the Redskins is best defined by one quote, "5-11, not very good [1]." The NFL was the wrong place for the Ol' Ball Coach, but he was great in college. [1]
Five Redskins who need to step up in 2017
Need to Know: The Redskins are going to need more out of everyone to take the next step but pressure will fall on handful of players to improve the most. 
Upset OBJ punches hole in wall. Let's make yacht jokes!
Less than a week after that yacht trip, Odell Beckham Jr. captained his own shipwreck against the Packers. 
Perry, Hankins, Peppers, Hyde, USAT
Scouting the Playoffs: Possible Redskins targets in Packers-Giants
The Redskins have a lot of salary cap [1] space, and the Wild Card matchup between the Giants and Packers presents some good free agent players to target, especially on the D-line.  [1] http://www.csnmidat
Sean McVay
Rams taking a close look at McVay
The Redskins are deep into their search for a new defensive coordinator. While they’re looking around the league they might want to take notes on offensive coordinators, too.
Possible Redskins free agent targets in Dolphins vs. Steelers
The Redskins have a substantial amont of cap space and a lot of needs to fill. Here are some players in the Dolphins-Steelers game who could be of interest to them. 
Bradley, Wilks, Manusky, USAT
Redskins D-coordinator search update: Then there were three
After the dismissal of Joe Barry last week, the Redskins search for a new defensive coordinator is moving briskly. Here's an update on everything we know. 
The five highest-paid Redskins in 2017
Need to Know: The Redskins have a lot of cap space but they do have some players making a good chunk of money. Tandler looks at the top five. 
Tandler and JP pick Steelers-Dolphins, Giants-Packers
Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay don't have a game to cover this week so they're making their picks in the Wild Card games. 
Report: Former Redskins coordinator heading to Cleveland
According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, former Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is landing in Cleveland.
Anquan Boldin, Tony McDaniel, USAT
Scouting the Playoffs: Possible Redskins targets in Seahawks-Lions
The Redskins have a lot of salary cap [1] space, and the first NFC Wild Card matchup pits the Lions against the Seahawks.
Scouting the playoffs: Possible Redskins targets in Raiders-Texans
The Redskins have a lot of cap space and they could look to spend some it on some of the players in today's playoff game between the Raiders and Texans. 
Defensive coordinator resume: Greg Manusky
Greg Manusky already has an office in the building at Redskins Park so that could make him one of the favorites to land the defensive coordinator job. 
Tandler and JP pick Wild Card games
Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay don't have a game to cover this week so they're making their picks in the wild card games. 
Redskins sign former first-round pick Phil Taylor
The Redskins didn't solve their defensive line problems by signing Phil Taylor but perhaps they added a big body who can provide depth. 
Barry gone and plenty of money to rebuild the D
Need to Know: A look back at the week that was including firing Barry being just the beginning of fixing the D. 
Doc goes off on 'bake sales' and lack of wins from Cousins
Doc Walker got fired up about Kirk Cousins on Friday night's SportsTalk Live.
Shop Talk: Does it matter what players do with a day off?
Conversation has been stirred since photos of Giants receivers on a boat were posted to social media. Does it matter what a player does on his day off?
Could Colt McCoy save the Skins money for same production?
Redskins Insider JP Finlay on just how likely the Redskins could be to go with Colt McCoy next year and what type of production he could bring
Who will replace Joe Barry? Chris Cooley has a look
Chris Cooley joined Larry Michael on Redskins Nation and discussed what led to Joe Barry's firing and who could replace him as defensive coordinator.
Paul Guenther
Redskins not allowed to interview Paul Guenther
The Redskins were denied permission to interview Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther
Kirk Cousins, Colt McCoy, USAT
Questions emerge if Colt McCoy can produce similar results at lesser cost than Kirk Cousins, per source
Is Kirk Cousins worth seven to eight times more than Colt McCoy? That's the question some at Redskins Park are asking, according to a source with inside knowledge of the situation.
Duke Ihenacho USAT
Ihenacho refutes claim of jersey number dispute
Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho took to Twitter to refute Redskins radio commentator Chris Cooley's claim that he was upset about losing his jersey number to Josh Norman. 
Redskins get permission to interview Carolina assistant
The Redskins have reached out to a Carolina Panthers assistant coach about interviewing for their vacant defensive coordinator position.
Chris Baker, Joe Barry, USAT
Chris Baker talks Joe Barry dismissal, 'it's a results based business'
Chris Baker joined JP Finlay to talk about the Redskins dismissal of Joe Barry, thoughts on Greg Manusky, and what the hole at D-coordinator means for his own free agency.
Gus Bradley USAT
Why Gus Bradley makes sense as Redskins' new defensive coordinator
With Joe Barry gone, the Redskins are on the march for a new defensive coordinator, and one report shows heavy interest in former Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. 
Early leader emerges for Redskins defensive coordinator
We have a leader in the competition for the job as the Redskins’ next defensive coordinator.
Poll: Who will be the Redskins' next defensive coordinator?
Poll: Who will be the Redskins' next defensive coordinator?
Feinstein says one defensive coordinator jumps out to him
John Feinstein had his weekly talk with the Sports Junkies Friday, and identified one name that stands out above the rest to be the Redskins' next defensive coordinator.
The five worst Redskins moments under Joe Barry
Need to Know: Joe Barry was let go on Thursday. Here are five moments that help explain why. 
After questionable calls, firing Barry was not surprising
CSN's Redskins Insider JP Finlay explains why Joe Barry's departure was an obvious call.
Joe Barry, Su'a Cravens USAT
Cravens' late position switch illustrated Barry's faults
Su’a Cravens’ 1st season was filled with indecision about his role, and while there were lots of reasons Joe Barry got fired, the rookie's positioning may have played a role.
Source: Rex Ryan not likely to be candidate for Redskins
Attempting to make a move to television, Rex Ryan not likely to be a defensive coordinator candidate for the Washington Redskins. 
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: So long to Joe Barry
Brian Mitchell and Chick Hernandez joined JP Finlay to talk about the Redskins dismissal of  Joe Barry and what move the team should make next. Also, they talked about gumbo.
Chris Baker tweets heartwarming video with daughter
The Washington Redskins have had a rough last week with missing the playoffs and firing a chunk of their staff. But moments like this will lift your spirits. 
Chris Thompson offers his 2016 self-evaluation
Redskins running back Chris Thompson explains how he was able to break out this season and have more of an impact, despite the disappointing end.
Top 5 options for Redskins at defensive coordinator
Redskins Insider J.P. Finlay goes through the Redskins top five candidates to replace Joe Barry as Washington's defensive coordinator.
Shop Talk: Portis, Moss, Springs argue over paying Cousins
Should the Redskins pay Kirk Cousins? That question was enough to set off a 10-minute debate on Shop Talk. Shawn Springs, for one, said if Cousins deserved $20 million, he wouldn't have throw that last pick...
Shop Talk: Moss, Portis, Springs on Romo in DC, Talib antics
Could Tony Romo end up signing with the Redskins if Kirk Cousins doesn't come back? The Shop Talk crew debates. Plus, nobody appreciated Aqib Talib's chain-pulling antics.
Shop Talk: Portis blames coaching for missing playoffs
Clinton Portis tried his best to say this nicely, but he felt the Redskins were out-coached in the last seven games of the season. At some point, the blame has to go on Jay Gruden, he argued.
Redskins sign former Eagles safety Wolff
The Redskins have signed former Eagles safety Earl Wolff to a futures contract.
A critical hire coming up for Gruden
Jay Gruden has whiffed on two defensive coordinator choices in Jim Haslett and Joe Barry. He probably can't afford to miss on a third. 
Redskins DL hints at wanting Rex Ryan in D.C.
The Redskins are in the market for a new defensive coordinator and one Redskins defensive lineman would love to see Rex Ryan in D.C.
With Joe Barry out, who might Redskins turn to at D-coordinator?
Reports show that Joe Barry will be fired from the Redskins defensive coordinator position, along with the rest of defensive staff, so who makes since to replace him?
Joe Barry USAT
How much blame does Barry deserve for Redskins' struggles?
There's always a little blame to go around, but Brian Mitchell explains how he'd like to evaluate the Redskins defense.
Joe Barry USAT
Redskins part ways with Joe Barry
The Redskins let go defensive coordinator Joe Barry along with three other defensive coaches. Expect an overhaul of the entire defensive staff this offseason. 
Tiki Barber has advice for Matt Jones
Tiki Barber had some serious fumbling problems early in his career, but fixed them. That's why his advice for Matt Jones is worth listening to.
Poll: McCloughan's approval rating
Poll: What is your approval rating for the job that Redskins GM Scot McCloughan done in the past year?
Redskins have ample cap space to work with
The Redskins will go into 2017 with more salary cap space than all but a handful of teams and they have the ability to create more. 
Tiki Barber on how Matt Jones can stop fumbling
Tiki Barber had some fumbling problems in his NFL career but he found a way to fix them, which makes him an excellent person to counsel Matt Jones.